Bro Gym/Bodybuilding

  • How Much Does A Leg Press Weigh?
    Whether you have used it before or are gearing up for your first rodeo with one of these beasts, it is incredibly important to know the different weights of leg press machines because, as you might imagine, you should really want to know the leg press weight of your sets! …then…remember…you still have to actually use the machine if you want to get stronger…just a reminder before we get going!
  • What is Powerbuilding? The Love-child of Powerlifting & Bodybuilding
    Powerbuilding is an innovative fitness strategy that combines the benefits of powerlifting and bodybuilding. It’s designed for individuals who are looking to gain both strength and muscle mass simultaneously. At its core, powerbuilding incorporates the heavy lifting and progressive overload while also prioritizing hypertrophy….fun!
  • Barbell Knurling: A Match Made in the Garage Gym
    When you know about knurling and how the style of knurling can affect your lifting, you can become more deliberate in your barbell selection. For better or for worse! Mountain…Hill…Volcano(?) we got knurls galore to discuss today!
  • Trap Bar Deadlift Muscles Worked: The Hex Bar Deadlift Comprehensive Breakdown
    Trap Bar Deadlifts are used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts from an array of different sports and disciplines. For example, powerlifters often incorporate Trap Bar Deadlifts into their regiments to develop raw strength, build power, and improve overall muscle activation. …and now it’s your turn.
  • Bulgarian Split Squats Muscles Worked: The Definitive Guide
    Bulgarian Split Squats (not to be confused with “traditional” back squats) are an exceptional exercise to incorporate in your workout routine, especially if you’re looking for a new/niche way to work your lower body.  Before you hop on the next flight to Sofia (that’s the capital of Bulgaria for you geographically-challenged readers!) It’s crucial to understand how important it is to develop proper technique when performing this somewhat “different” exercise for the leg muscles.