MAJOR FITNESS’ B52 vs F22 – Home Rack Aerial Combat

The Spirit B52 and Raptor F22 are two of MAJOR FITNESS’ flagship products. The F22 gets the (slight) nod here due to its slightly smaller space requirements and lower price tag, however, the merit attributed to this distinction is largely based on personal preference. Ultimately, both of these machines get the job done.

(the “job” being facilitating a legit home gym workout)

Barbell Knurling: A Match Made in the Garage Gym

When you know about knurling and how the style of knurling can affect your lifting, you can become more deliberate in your barbell selection.

For better or for worse!

Mountain…Hill…Volcano(?) we got knurls galore to discuss today!

The MAJOR FITNESS Spirit B52: Our Review of the Rack+Smith Machine

The Spirit B52 combines everything you could generally ask for in a standard home power rack with the luxury of a Smith Machine. While most people probably don’t go out of their way to purchase a combination machine like it, they almost certainly would not regret the extra functionality and exercise versatility it presents.

How to Develop The Most Effective Hyrox Training Plan

Truth be told, Hyrox training is very different from more “traditional” forms of exercise and even differs pretty significantly from other forms of “functional” training.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the key elements of Hyrox training to better help you determine if this type of training is what you were born to do!

The MAJOR FITNESS Raptor F22 Power Rack – Our Review

If you’re looking for an all-in-one home gym solution, Major Lutie’s/Major Fitness’ Raptor F22 is an excellent choice. It’s solidly built, simple to assemble, and provides a range of optionality that covers just about every exercise you could want to perform.

It has a sleek, dynamic design, an attractive color scheme, and should fit comfortably into most garages or basements without compromising on the space one needs to easily perform any exercise.

How Much Does a Squat Bar Weigh? “Safety”, “Cambered” and All the Rest!

If you’re like most people, your squat numbers are higher than most of your other lifts, to even include some of your “bigger” lifts (like the bench press…except for those of you skip leg day on the reg!)

As much weight as you’re moving though, you probably want to move even more.

Enter the world of “specialty” squat bars.

Different Types of Weights: The Complete Guide

So, you’ve taken the first step (literally!) into free weight training, it’s time to learn what all of these magical implements are and how you can get really strong and really fit by using them.

By the end of our discussion, you may even be in the market for a yuge dude wifebeater!

Floor Press vs Bench Press: The Ultimate Showdown!

The age-old debate: floor press vs bench press…

I’m sure you’ve been losing sleep over this one! 

Lucky for you, if you have been, we have all of the info about these two that you probably never knew you needed!

Rack Pulls vs Deadlift – An Epic Clash of HEAVY Lifts

You like lifting heavy, right?

If so, you probably love the deadlift. There aren’t too many other exercises where you can load the plates on like you can with the deadlift.

…and per that logic, you probably really love rack pulls. If you can deadlift a ton of weight, you can rack pull one-and-a-half tons.

A TRUE clash of the titans!