The Top 27 Assault Bike Workouts

Anyone who has spent more than about 30 seconds pedalling their way into the Assault Bike void knows what’s up the second the words come out of your mouth.

“Hey, man! We have some Assault Bike intervals today. Do you…?”

“Oh, gosh…oh, please…oh, no!”

The 7 Best Deadlift Shoes

Most lifters (including yours truly!) have a bigger deadlift than any other lift. It is the lift you can squeeze the most out of.

We’re not going to talk about bracing, breathing, or any other type of form work now. Today’s discussion is all about the best shoes for the job.

The best deadlift shoes, to be precise.

How Many People Can Bench 225? Our Statistical Analysis

One million people…

Yeah, that is the exact number of people in the United States who can bench press 225 pounds.

Today, we’re going to talk about some 225-bench press BENCHmarks (zing!) to let you know where YOU stack up!

The 7 Best Knee Sleeves For CrossFit

Knowing how much we have relied on knee sleeves over the years, it seemed fitting to put together a compilation of the best knee sleeves for CrossFit workouts.

Through our personal experiences and the high praise of countless users and reviewers online, we were confident in our compilation of the 7 best knee sleeves out there.

Fancy A Deadlift WOD? 19 Of The Best to Destroy!

There is no better sign of mental toughness than grinding though the first 20 minutes of a killer deadlift WOD and still picking up a heavy barbell to close things out.

I mean, what other type of CrossFit workout is going to fatigue the body with running, rowing, swinging, and kipping only to ask you to essentially win a powerlifting competition halfway through?

Power Bar vs Olympic Bar – One Bar to Rule Them All!

There is always going to be a degree of personal preference involved with barbell selection.

However, the power bar vs Olympic bar debate is an important one.

Your training priorities will dictate whether you’ll want a power (or powerlifting) barbell or an Olympic (or Olympic weightlifting) barbell.

Your CrossFit Warm Up Will SAVE You…Trust Me

If you’ve ever walked up to a loaded barbell and attempted a heavy clean without warming up, you can probably speak to the importance of a warm up.

If you haven’t done this before, I wouldn’t suggest doing it. However, doing so will give you a much greater appreciation a proper CrossFit warm up!

24 CrossFit Partner WODs…Choose Wisely!

Grab a Strong Guy and a Fast Guy…you’ll probably have to lift AND run. A Gymnast Guy will help with the handstand push-ups

…or maybe get a Versatile Guy if your WOD requires the use of black or white magic…just to be safe.

Party assembled? Now crush these CrossFit Partner WODs!