My CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Review

Today, I’m going to provide insight into what the CrossFit Level 1 certification course is all about, to include brief discussions of content, the instructors, and who this seminar is right for.

Hopefully, this will inform your decision before you decide to shell out ~$1000-plus for a weekend of CrossFit!

An Outdoor Home Gym – The Ultimate in Curb Appeal!

Whether you’re aching for this kind of set-up for more “practical” reasons (like me) or you just simply enjoy working out in nature, I can assure you that there is just something…different about working out outside.

By the time we finish up here today, you’ll already be dreaming of how to up-charge your envious neighbors who will be clamoring to get a workout in on one of these bad boys!

Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program (Book 1) – My Review

The illustrations seem so simple and the Olympic weightlifting concepts presented seem so “basic”.

…but that is why they are effective!

Although I think this book is definitely best used in conjunction with Leo’s online coaching service, it can also be a very good introduction to Olympic Weightlifting for the solo lifter.

Do Grip Strengtheners Work? Questions for Plato…

I can remember when I was a little kid and meeting my grandfather for the second or third time. Being the little brat that I was, I thought it would be a good idea to put the decorated World War 2 veteran (and former Army Gold Gloves boxing contender) grip strength to the test. We shook hands and I squeezed…”hard”. … Read more

The CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide – Don’t Sleep on This “Manual”!

I’m actually somewhat upset that I’ve “slept” on this Guide for so long. Its a free resource that has more and better content than 95 percent of paid CrossFit/fitness resources I’ve come across before.

Is the CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide The most comprehensive CrossFit-related written work out there? One could certainly make that argument! 

HWPO Programming Review – My Experience with HWPO Training

Hard Work DOES Pay Off…but is HWPO programming right for everyone?

Thankfully, I’m likely NOT HWPO training’s target demographic and I still made YUGE gains!

…maybe there is some method to the madness with HWPO’s “controlled intensity”!

“Knee Ability Zero” – Knees Over Toes Program Review

I can speak from my own experience with the Knees Over Toes Guy, most specifically, the program found in Patrick’s Knee Ability Zero book. 

I put in roughly 25 minutes per session, two days per week for roughly 9 months and my knees haven’t felt so good since when I was squatting since high school!

How Much Does an EZ Bar Weigh? The Biceps Don’t Lie!

On the surface, the EZ Bar does kinda look a little odd and gimmicky. It’s not a Shake Weight, but it sure as heck doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill barbell.

…but the EZ Bar is legit, alright.

You want to get 1980’s-era Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps, don’t hesitate to load up that curved beast.

How Much Does a Bench Press Bar Weigh? Between 35 and 85 Pounds

For an exercise as popular as the bench press, you would think that there would be a multitude of speciality barbells dedicated to the exercise. Olympic weightlifting barbells are known for their incredible spin and “whip”.

Dedicated deadlift bars are generally longer and thinner than other Olympic-sized barbells.

…and “bench press bars”….well….

The Peter Attia Book – My Outlive Book Review

The Peter Attia book literally holds the secret to living a longer and “better” life while also pointing out the yuge, oftentimes self-imposed, roadblocks that stand in our way. 

I’m willing to bet the house that anyone who reads the book and makes an earnest effort to implement even a couple of his suggested lifestyle “additions” will see their overall health and quality of life improve.