Oh, you have some experience walking around with a large backpack or have even done some hiking under load in your time?

Around these parts, we refer to these pursuits as "rucking" and from here on out, this is how YOU are going to refer to it, as well.

We're glad you've shown interest in this extremely popular outdoor activity, but we're sure you probably have a lot to learn about packing your ruck, maintaining a challenging pace, or even rucking indoors. We cover all of these areas and a whole lot more in this section.

Rucking on a Treadmill? Why…and (Maybe)…Why Not…

Sometimes I want to get a little bit of ruck interval training in and I find that it is much easier to do this on my home treadmill where I can much more easily control my speed and incline than out on some uneven terrain. 

If you want to improve your cardiovascular capabilities as well as your strength and endurance we’re about to discuss how your standard treadmill at the gym is your entry ticket into the world of rucking!

Ruck vs Weighted Vest? Aww Ruck it…

Doing crazy workouts with weight strapped to your body is cool.

Running with something loading you down is cool.

Is there a “best” weight-bearing apparatus?

Enter the ruck vs weighted vest debate!

Norwegian Ruck March – Earn THE Best Badge in Fitness!

The Norwegian Foot March is a rucking event with an aim to test the endurance and pure grit of those who dare to participate.

Like other ruck marches, it’s primarily a military training exercise that includes walking long distances with a weighted pack.

But when you finish this one, you get an AWESOME badge.

Chad 1000X – A Hero’s Legacy Lives On…

Chad 1000x is interesting in that involves elements of CrossFit (the almost comically large rep scheme of the box step-up movement) as well as elements of rucking (the inclusion of the ruck sack and the constant “ascent” that the step-ups create).

1000 plyo box step ups to be precise…

One. Thousand!

The Top 6 Rucking Workouts

Some days, though, even the most interesting walk, march, or hike doesn’t quite do it for you.

It’s on these days, where less…”traditional” rucking workouts might be in the cards!

Today, we’re going to discuss both “basic” rucking workouts as well as more advanced rucking workouts.

The 8 Best Rucking Cities in America – GORUCK ‘Em!

With so many fitness activities experiencing stagnating growth, rucking bucks the trend.

Show up to a GORUCK challenge or one of the GORUCK events and you’ll see a ton of people enjoying each other company as they get a serious (and seriously fun) workout in.

Today, we’re going to take a look at where people are doing it the best…

Ruck March Benefits. Ruck March Prep. Ruck March Domination

Despite what you may have seen on TV (especially in recent times) rucking is actually a pretty challenging practice. 

…but with challenge comes extensive benefits and even some cool bragging rights and swag for those who complete the most challenging ruck marches!