Loading up on a bunch of gear is REALLY fun, but getting fit, whether at the local globo gym or in your beloved garage or basement gym, is the whole point of it all. Thankfully, we love discussing things like workout tips and nutrition essentials as much as we like breaking down the specs of the newest power rack.

In this section, you'll find information on everything from general fitness to more sport-specific interests, most notably CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting, and rucking.'s much better when you actually USE all of that equipment than turning it into glorified clothing racks!

The Top 15 Bench Press Accessory Exercises

Whether you’re looking to increase your bench press because you want to get stronger for something like powerlifting or you simply want to really work your chest and triceps, I guarantee you that you can benefit from working a bench press variation or accessory (or two) into your routine is going to do wonders for your bench press strength and muscle gainz.

A Calisthenics Diet: Need to Know Info to Fuel your Calisthenics Workout

If you get your nutrition on lock, you can experience almost immediate gainz in your body composition and performance.

Today, we’re not going to identify the best diet for calisthenics and we will cover key areas of consideration so that you can develop a proper diet to fuel you bodyweight mastery.

F45 vs Orangetheory … If You Must …

In recent years, both F45 and Orangetheory have been proposed as HIIT alternatives to CrossFit.

If you’re looking for a workout with greater-than-normal intensity with the confidence-boosting elements of the class structure, you might want to pay close attention to the showdown between these “functional fitness” newbies (“newbies” being a relative term in this case!)

How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh? Prepare to be Disappointed…

We all know that the Smith Machines makes the bar feel a bit lighter than “free” barbells (which we normally chalk up to the bar path being pretty much set), it?

Today, we’re going to put this question to rest and while we can’t give an exact answer, we can discuss how much a Smith Machine bar can weigh.

Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting: Worlds Collide…

“I train to lift a heavy barbell a total of nine times across three main lifts” vs “I need to maximize muscle size and definition in the objective eyes of expert judges in order to win”

Yeah…it’s time for the bodybuilding vs poewerlifting debate.

CrossFit vs Powerlifting: “Elite Fitness” and HEAVY Lifts

Whether you want to build muscle, increase your cardiovascular health and capacity, or find a “supportive” fitness community, both CrossFit and powerlifting have their merits. Today, we’re going to provide a clear picture of each, broken into important sub-category areas of consideration, to help you decide what you want your next obsession to be.

How Much Does A Leg Press Weigh?

Whether you have used it before or are gearing up for your first rodeo with one of these beasts, it is incredibly important to know the different weights of leg press machines because, as you might imagine, you should really want to know the leg press weight of your sets!

…then…remember…you still have to actually use the machine if you want to get stronger…just a reminder before we get going!

To Squat and Deadlift on the Same Day..or Not

Two fundamental exercises stand out as the pillars of strength training and general “getting big” training: the squat and the deadlift. Both are have hitters for developing lower body and core strength and (should!) make up significant portions of your lifting regimen.

…so…why not squat and deadlift in the same workout session?