Bulgarian Split Squats Muscles Worked: The Definitive Guide

Bulgarian Split Squats (not to be confused with “traditional” back squats) are an exceptional exercise to incorporate in your workout routine, especially if you’re looking for a new/niche way to work your lower body. 

Before you hop on the next flight to Sofia (that’s the capital of Bulgaria for you geographically-challenged readers!) It’s crucial to understand how important it is to develop proper technique when performing this somewhat “different” exercise for the leg muscles.

The 10 Best Arm Machines at the Gym

You’re planning your workout and know you wanna work arms at the gym.

Fair enough; who doesn’t want YUGE guns (or pipes…or pythons…or whatever your giant arms word of choice is)?

Thankfully, there are definitely some excellent arm machines at the gym that can work you in ways that barbells and even EZ bars just can’t…

Top 30 CrossFit Girl WODs

You walked into “CrossFit (insert name of your first CrossFit gym here)” looked around, and noticed a few posters on the wall. A. You quickly realized that each name corresponded with a WOD.

A tough WOD.

One of the CrossFit Girls WODs, to be precise.

Different Types of Weights: The Complete Guide

So, you’ve taken the first step (literally!) into free weight training, it’s time to learn what all of these magical implements are and how you can get really strong and really fit by using them.

By the end of our discussion, you may even be in the market for a yuge dude wifebeater!

The 20 Best Weight Vest Workouts

You got a hard CrossFit workout…and that should be enough… Right….right…??!! Apparently, the likes of DT, Karen, and Cindy just aren’t quite enough for the serious CrossFit enthusiasts. At least, not in their “vest-less” iterations. ….also, some days you just gotta do a weight vest workout. Thankfully, we have a few heavy hitters here for you to choose from! When … Read more

Floor Press vs Bench Press: The Ultimate Showdown!

The age-old debate: floor press vs bench press…

I’m sure you’ve been losing sleep over this one! 

Lucky for you, if you have been, we have all of the info about these two that you probably never knew you needed!

Weighted Vest Push Ups: The Best Vested Exercise?

if you’re in love with classic bodyweight movements and workouts, but need to increase the intensity (without, ya know, just doing a bunch more reps) you need to incorporate weighted vest push ups into your routine ASAP.

…because vested Murph is ALWAYS just around the corner!

Strongman vs Powerlifting – Battle of the Beasts!

Impressive feats of strength…mountains of muscle mass…bigger and stronger athletes than in just about any sport? What isn’t there to like about the long-awaited strongman vs powerlifting showdown? As awe-inspiring as these disciplines are, strongman and powerlifting are two different sports, each with their own distinctive rules and objectives. While the highest levels of both involve elite strength athletes lifting … Read more