The Definitive Ruck Gear Checklist

It’s Day 1 of your new rucking hobby and you’re looking for any excuse not to get started. “What if I get too tired on the road?” “What if it’s too hot?” “What if one of these idiot Georgia drivers hit me? “What do I bring?” We’re not here today to talk about the first two (and the third one … Read more

How to Use Deadlift Straps – Supercharge Your Grip for HEAVY Lifts

If you’ve been hanging out around the gym (even if you mainly train at home!) long enough, you’ve probably seen some guys (usually bigger, more “experienced”-looking guys) slip on some odd-looking “straps” before certain lifts.

Today, we’re going to discuss these small, but extremely useful gym accessories and, most importantly, teach you how to use deadlift straps.

The 17 Best Tactical Boots

There is a different tone when discussing any type of tactical gear.

Sure. A lot of people engage in tactical sports and are ultimately “playing” for points.

However, for many others, the “game” is much more serious. They can’t afford to choose any old boot of the shelf….only the best in this discussion!

The Top 16 Weighted Vest Benefits

Regardless of where you’re at on the love-hate spectrum, the fact that there are numerous weighted vest benefits that accrue while wearing that heavy, stylish piece of fitness “attire” is indisputable. 

Today, we’re going to explore all 16 of these weighted vest benefits!

The Hard Work Pays Off/HWPO Book – My Review

We’ve discussed HWPO training before. (tldr: it’s hard, but you get results!) As such, I think it’s time to take a quick break from super intense and grueling training. Instead of putting the “Hard Work Pays Off” philosophy into action, I decided to read about how hard work pays off to the man who personifies the statement more than anyone. … Read more

The 7 Best Shoes for Rucking

One constant in rucking is that you spend a lot of time on your feet. Take part in an official GORUCK event, and you’re likely to spend hours in your selected shoes or boots. As such, you really want to make sure you’ve selected the “right” footwear.

At those distances, you really don’t want to get caught rucking in the “wrong” pair of shoes or boots!

Stairmaster vs Treadmill – Battle for the Ages!

A StairMaster may be more effective for building lower-body muscles, but it puts more strain on joints and burns fewer calories.

On the other hand, a treadmill can be slightly cheaper and better for weight loss but is less effective for building muscle strength and for toning.

Time for a battle royale to determine the champ!

The 11 Best Dip Bars for Home

There isn’t much that can be said about dips that you (probably) don’t already know about, so I’m not going to go to the mat in convincing you to do them.

You’re going to read this article so you can find the best dip bars for home and so that you can become one of those jacked dudes doing crazy stuff down at the playground (preferably when children aren’t around).

The Top 9 Best CrossFit Shorts for Women

You know that girl in the gym who is constantly adjusting her shorts? 

You don’t want to be that girl. 

Even if you are alone in your garage and there’s nobody to see you pulling down that wedgie.

The Barbell Prescription – My Review

You have any of those ~40-year-old guys in your life who are just like, “ohhhh…I’m old now. I can’t do that,” after roughly 7 minutes of light volleyball at some kind of friendly gathering?

Yeah…the bad news is, you probably do (don’t we all!) The good news? They simply can’t use those types of excuses anymore.

These excuses don’t mix with the Barbell Rx.