You know that feeling when you get REALLY excited about a new piece of gym equipment, pair of shoes, or fitness programming only to find out that

I know we do; getting burned like this DOES suck.

Lucky for you, we get burned so you don't have to! We also scour through fitness products, new and timeless, to find hidden gems and other items you may have overlooked.

Whether you're in the market for something as simple (but oh so necessary) as workout socks or something as important as your home gym's centerpiece rig, check with us before hitting "buy"!

The GORUCK INGRESS Events – Our Experience

The GORUCK/Ingress partnership is an interesting one. “The Rucking Company”, (now also partnered with “The Sport of Fitness”) along with a cell phone video game.


The GORUCK Mackalls – Our Review

The Mackalls are the rucking shoe from the rucking company (GORUCK…if that wasn’t obvious). Engineered to handle rougher terrain and withstand the rigors of extended time under heavy load, they do this very thing very well.

The Definitive Guide to GORUCK Shoes

Today, I’m removing the veil and shedding some light on all of the current GORUCK shoe offerings. The flagship Ballistic Trainers, niche Rough Runners, and workhorse Mackalls are all solid shoe options and I’ve enjoyed my experiences with all of them. Hopefully, you’ll be able to decide which option works best for you.

Adidas The Total – Our Review

The Total are one of Adidas’ numerous forays into powerlifting shoes. Unlike their other options, they boast a completely flat sole, appealing to the barefoot lifting audience.

As a mid-range speciality shoe, they do a lot of what you expect them to do and can even pinch hit if you want to rock them during metcons involving deadlifts or bodyweight movements.

The ATX Camo Bar – Our Review

I wouldn’t choose the ATX Camo bar as my home or garage gym’s centerpiece. I also wouldn’t recommend that Camo bar to my powerlifting buddies.

That being said, you might think the Camo bar is a “bad” barbell to be avoided at all costs. Nothing is further from the truth.

The KingsBox C-bar: Our Review

I have had the opportunity to use many of different KingsBox products over the last few years, to include a few different barbells. Currently, my primary training barbell is the company’s The C-bar.

The RitFit BLP01 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine – Our Review

The RitFit BLP01 (referred to as simply the BLP01 in the article) is a budget-friendly specialty machine from a newer fitness brand. Only being marketed as being useful for leg presses and hack squats, you would think it would be pretty hard to mess this up?