You know that feeling when you get REALLY excited about a new piece of gym equipment, pair of shoes, or fitness programming only to find out that

I know we do; getting burned like this DOES suck.

Lucky for you, we get burned so you don't have to! We also scour through fitness products, new and timeless, to find hidden gems and other items you may have overlooked.

Whether you're in the market for something as simple (but oh so necessary) as workout socks or something as important as your home gym's centerpiece rig, check with us before hitting "buy"!

The 7 Best Deadlift Shoes

Most lifters (including yours truly!) have a bigger deadlift than any other lift. It is the lift you can squeeze the most out of.

We’re not going to talk about bracing, breathing, or any other type of form work now. Today’s discussion is all about the best shoes for the job.

The best deadlift shoes, to be precise.

The 7 Best Knee Sleeves For CrossFit

Knowing how much we have relied on knee sleeves over the years, it seemed fitting to put together a compilation of the best knee sleeves for CrossFit workouts.

Through our personal experiences and the high praise of countless users and reviewers online, we were confident in our compilation of the 7 best knee sleeves out there.