Hyrox vs CrossFit – The Heaviest Hitters in Functional Fitness

Whichever “team” you happen to be on, you have to admit that Hyrox and CrossFit represent two of the most exciting disciplines in the functional fitness world. 

…and if you’re not on a team (yet!) don’t worry!

Read on to find out the key attributes of each and what makes each series of crazy-hard exercises shine!

The 22 Best CrossFit Running Workouts

If you’ve been into CrossFit for…I don’t know…at least a week, you know how important running is and how much CrossFit running workouts are programmed.

I know a lot of you got into CrossFit so you could get your cardio in without having to hit the track…and you got tricked.

You may as well do one of the best CrossFit running workouts!

Rack Pulls vs Deadlift – An Epic Clash of HEAVY Lifts

You like lifting heavy, right?

If so, you probably love the deadlift. There aren’t too many other exercises where you can load the plates on like you can with the deadlift.

…and per that logic, you probably really love rack pulls. If you can deadlift a ton of weight, you can rack pull one-and-a-half tons.

A TRUE clash of the titans!

The David Goggins Workout – Prepare to Feel Lazy!

David Goggins is an ex-Navy SEAL, dubbed the “toughest man alive” due to his incredible athletic performance and accomplishments (in addition to his really stellar service record).

He has completed a bunch of ultra-distance events and has the world pull-up record.

Ready to feel lazy?

Romanian Deadlift vs Stiff Leg Deadlift

If you’re like most lifters on Earth, you’ve probably experienced the unimaginable shame of mixing up the RDL and the stiff leg deadlift.

That unimaginable shame…doesn’t feel good, man.

After today, you’ll never look like a classic “Romanian deadlift vs stiff leg deadlift mis-labeling buffoon (TM)” again!

Norwegian Ruck March – Earn THE Best Badge in Fitness!

The Norwegian Foot March is a rucking event with an aim to test the endurance and pure grit of those who dare to participate.

Like other ruck marches, it’s primarily a military training exercise that includes walking long distances with a weighted pack.

But when you finish this one, you get an AWESOME badge.

How to Clean Rubber Gym Floor Mats – Your Garage Will Sparkle!

I’ll admit that anyone who actually knows me pretty well will be laughing at the thought of my lecturing anyone on “how to clean rubber gym floor mats”.

But…man…after reading some of this info on gym floors and germs…well…consider this your “trigger warning”!

Read up…or risk having a NASTY home gym!

Opinions of The CrossFit Games’ Move to Fort Worth

On September 19, 2023, CrossFit formally announced that The CrossFit Games would be moving to Fort Worth, Texas for the 2024 edition of the sport’s premier event.

In an attempt to gauge the immediate reactions to this major announcement, a short survey was created to gauge reactions to this announcement.

These are the results!