Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting: Worlds Collide…

“I train to lift a heavy barbell a total of nine times across three main lifts” vs “I need to maximize muscle size and definition in the objective eyes of expert judges in order to win”

Yeah…it’s time for the bodybuilding vs poewerlifting debate.

CrossFit vs Powerlifting: “Elite Fitness” and HEAVY Lifts

Whether you want to build muscle, increase your cardiovascular health and capacity, or find a “supportive” fitness community, both CrossFit and powerlifting have their merits. Today, we’re going to provide a clear picture of each, broken into important sub-category areas of consideration, to help you decide what you want your next obsession to be.

What is Powerbuilding? The Love-child of Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

Powerbuilding is an innovative fitness strategy that combines the benefits of powerlifting and bodybuilding. It’s designed for individuals who are looking to gain both strength and muscle mass simultaneously.

At its core, powerbuilding incorporates the heavy lifting and progressive overload while also prioritizing hypertrophy….fun!

Powerlifting vs Weightlifting – The Final Battle…

Today, we’re going to look at the two in a classic “versus battle” format. Powerlifting vs weightlifting is an oft-requested matchup. With so much going for both of these disciplines, it’s going to be really hard to crown a champion.

In either case, you’re going to be working hard, getting stronger, and ultimately able to shift a lot of weight.

The Rogue Bella Bar – Our Review

The Rogue Bella Bar is the company’s most popular barbell for women. With a significant number of coating and even athlete-styled options, it is difficult not to find a version of this bar to like.

The RitFit Olympic Barbell Bar – Our Review

The RitFit bar…despite boasting both an attractive price point and coating, the bar’s low tensile strength and almost non-existent spin only make it an appropriate choice for a very specific lifter.

If you’re just getting started and/or can snag it at a discount in a package deal with a RitFit rack set, it might be worth a look.