Adidas The Total – Our Review

The Total are one of Adidas’ numerous forays into powerlifting shoes. Unlike their other options, they boast a completely flat sole, appealing to the barefoot lifting audience.

As a mid-range speciality shoe, they do a lot of what you expect them to do and can even pinch hit if you want to rock them during metcons involving deadlifts or bodyweight movements.

The ATX Camo Bar – Our Review

I wouldn’t choose the ATX Camo bar as my home or garage gym’s centerpiece. I also wouldn’t recommend that Camo bar to my powerlifting buddies.

That being said, you might think the Camo bar is a “bad” barbell to be avoided at all costs. Nothing is further from the truth.

The KingsBox C-bar: Our Review

I have had the opportunity to use many of different KingsBox products over the last few years, to include a few different barbells. Currently, my primary training barbell is the company’s The C-bar.

The RitFit BLP01 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine – Our Review

The RitFit BLP01 (referred to as simply the BLP01 in the article) is a budget-friendly specialty machine from a newer fitness brand. Only being marketed as being useful for leg presses and hack squats, you would think it would be pretty hard to mess this up?



How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh? Prepare to be Disappointed…

We all know that the Smith Machines makes the bar feel a bit lighter than “free” barbells (which we normally chalk up to the bar path being pretty much set), it?

Today, we’re going to put this question to rest and while we can’t give an exact answer, we can discuss how much a Smith Machine bar can weigh.

To Squat and Deadlift on the Same Day..or Not

Two fundamental exercises stand out as the pillars of strength training and general “getting big” training: the squat and the deadlift. Both are have hitters for developing lower body and core strength and (should!) make up significant portions of your lifting regimen.

…so…why not squat and deadlift in the same workout session?

The ATX Gold Bar – Our Review

The ATX Gold bar markets itself as a “powerlifting barbell”…

Thankfully, it lives up to it’s full namesake; if you’re looking to get serious about powerlifting, this could easily become your everyday, “go-to” barbell.

NOBull Cupsole Trainers – Our Review

I never had allusions that the NOBULL Cupsole Trainers would become my new “go-to” training shoes, I was excited to see what the hype (or, to be honest, lack thereof, given their relationship with CrossFit) was all about.

…and yeah…they’re shoes…interesting shoes.

Not “bad” shoes…but…interesting shoes…

KingsBox’s The Great Bar Olympic Barbell – Our Review

KingsBox’s “The Great Bar”) is one of many of the brand’s multi-functional bars. It does a lot of things well, while also being a durable enough to handle just about any task.

If you’re looking for a garage gym centerpiece barbell (or only barbell), this is one that is definitely up to the task.