The Top 9 Best CrossFit Shorts for Women

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You know that girl in the gym who is constantly adjusting her shorts? 

You don’t want to be that girl. 

Even if you are alone in your garage and there’s nobody to see you pulling down that wedgie.

(If that’s all you need to read to immediately want to buy the best CrossFit shorts for women, look no further than the ROGUE WOD Gear Clothing Booty Shorts. Pick up a pair (or more!) of these and you’ll be all set!)

When it’s gym time, shorts are meant to be forgotten about. You don’t want thoughts about camel toe making you lose your rep count. Or, even worse, ending up with sweat marks after that tough CrossFit Open workout that will leave you dripping (without a doubt). 

And again, the worst part about these problems isn’t that they’ll make you look…weird.  The main problem is that even the slightest discomfort might keep you from hitting a PR. Plus, bad shorts can also mean uncomfortable chaffing, and overheating.

So how do you choose the most comfortable, secure, and functional…in other words…the best CrossFit shorts for women?

best crossfit shorts for women

Today, we’re going to cover the top competitors and see which one has what you need. And to understand what you need, make sure to check out the buying guide and look into the most important features your shorts should have according to your demands.

Best CrossFit Shorts For Women: Top 9 Picks

ROGUE WOD Gear Clothing Booty Shorts

Rogue’s Booty Shorts are the best CrossFit shorts for women for several reasons.

First, Rogue Fitness is well-known for its quality activewear. So you can rest assured you are buying a durable and functional product.

Now, Rogue has a variety of shorts to choose from. But this one is the best choice for CrossFit. The main reason is that the shorts won’t restrict your movement in any way due to their mid-rise, snug-fitting shape, and wide waistband. You can achieve the full range of motion CrossFit exercises require without having to adjust your shorts.

These shorts are made of 4-way stretch material – nylon/spandex blend. This material is comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking. This means you won’t end up with ugly sweat marks after a hard workout. Plus, the fabric is durable and returns back to its original shape after stretching so your shorts will still be nice and tight even after extensive use.

On the downside, some customers reported that the logo began peeling off from the shorts after a while. Make sure to wash them in cold water and hang-dry them in order to preserve the shorts’ integrity.

Nike Womens Pro 365 3″ Shorts

Nike Pro 3-inch inseam shorts are another type of booty shorts that are a great choice for CrossFit. Their design offers notable features in terms of breathability and moisture management. It has a Dri-Fit technology inside the base layer, which effectively wicks away sweat from the skin and keeps you dry and comfortable. Plus, there are strategically placed ventilation zones that provide an additional layer of cooling during exercise.

These shorts are definitely not lacking in terms of comfort. The stretch-fit fabric and flatlock seams ensure that the shorts will stay tight on your body but, at the same time, not irritate your skin. The wide mid-rise elastic waistband will keep the shorts securely on your waist and embrace your core. This tight fit gives you that nice body-hugging feeling which is very functional (and flattering!).

In terms of material, Nike Pro 3’’ shorts are made of a blend of polyester and spandex materials. While these materials are durable, stretchable, and moisture-wicking (and, as such, ideal for sports shorts), what makes them special in this case is that Nike uses at least 50% recycled polyester fibers, which is a step towards sustainable production. If that’s something you care about, it’s good to know.

Now, Nike offers sizes from XS to XXL. However, don’t follow those blindly, since a few customers complained about shorts being too small. Check the exact measurements beforehand so you can make sure to order the correct size.

ROGUE Nike Women’s 7” Shorts

Now we have a combination of our top picks – Nike and Rogue. This merger offers the best of both worlds – a great fit and quality (and sustainable) material.

Rogue Nike 7-inch shorts says goodbye to booty cut. These are biker shorts for those who prefer more coverage or do more running than lifting. Still, the shorts fit snuggly, and you won’t have trouble with rolling them or down. They have a considerably wide and thick waistband to keep them securely in place.

The material is buttery and smooth, giving you a comfortable and silky feeling. It has great breathability and is moisture-wicking, thanks to Nike’s Dri-Fit technology. Another thing that Nike brings to the table is the use of recycled polyester. As much as 83% of the fabric is from recycled material.

The only bad thing is that they don’t seem to offer sizes larger than S! At least not for now. Also, they come only in black and you’ll have to get them shipped to you from Rogue Europe.

Tough Mode: Women 3″ Flexible Booty Shorts

Back to booty cut! Tough Mode is only 3’’ long, which is great if you need as wide of a range of motion as you can get. These shorts offer a few features that make them great for exactly that – vigorous exercise.

The shorts are muffin top and belly bulge free and without ride-up issues. The wide waistband means there won’t be waist-digging issues as well. Plus, the double-layer design assures the shorts are not see-through, even when doing squats in their white model. All this means you can focus on your workout without thinking about all of the unpleasantries that may occur while wearing tight-fitting booty shorts.

The fabric offers the usual moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry during even the sweatiest workouts. It’s a soft microfiber material that allows the air to circulate and accommodates dynamic motions with its 4-way stretch capability.

However, there are some complaints about the fabric being considerably rougher and less breathable after washing. So make sure to follow the instructions for washing in order to keep the quality of the material in its original state.

Under Armour Women’s Team Shorty 3

The first thing that separates Under Armour Team Shorty from the bunch is that it’s extremely lightweight thanks to HeatGear® fabric. This fabric is made mainly from polyester and a small percentage of elastane. It will keep you cool and dry throughout your workout. Plus, the fabric has UPF 30+, which means it gives you great protection from UV radiation.

(In our opinion, that alone makes them an excellent inclusion on the list of the best CrossFit shorts for women!)

Under Armour Team Shorty has ultra-fitted compression, feeling like a second skin. However, don’t worry that it will be see-through or give you a muffin top. It will still keep you completely covered but without adding any extra weight. This will allow you to have full flexibility and freedom of movement.

A few more features that provide extra comfort are flat ergonomic seams which prevent chafing, and a super-soft jacquard elastic waistband above the hips that keeps everything in place without digging into your skin. Lastly, it has odor control technology in the form of antimicrobial fabric that prevents bacteria growth and keeps you odor-free.

Now, this lightweight item has its price. A few customers complained that the shorts ride up in the front and can give you a camel toe if used during vigorous exercise. That’s certainly not desirable for some. But if that’s something you can live with, give it a try.

ODODOS Women’s Tummy Control Yoga Shorts 2.0

The ODODOS Women’s Shorts 2.0 are for those who want more coverage and total protection. You can choose a shorter 5-inch inseam or a longer 8-inch inseam for maximum coverage. The fabric is non-see-through, even during squats. The waistband is exceptionally high and wide for maximal tummy control. It also prevents the dreaded muffin top and offers maximum coverage during intense exercise.

Gusseted crotch and flatlock seams make these shorts very comfortable and reduce irritation caused by chafing while allowing a wide range of movement. The fabric is fairly stretchable and moisture-wicking, but it’s on the heavier side. However, that doesn’t reduce its functionality and comfort.

If you like shorts with pockets, you will be glad to hear that these have two deep side pockets that can fit credit cards, keys, phones, and other small essentials. And the good news is that the shorts won’t slide down even if your pockets are loaded.

One thing you should be aware of is that some customers reported that the quality of material can vary with the design. They claim that the ones with a pattern are made of different materials and with differently positioned pockets, with overall worse quality than the solid color options. If you want to play it safe, stick with solid colors.

ROGUE Women’s 4” Runner Shorts

Rogue’s 4’’ runner shorts have a looser fit for those who prefer something roomier. They are very lightweight, and don’t compress the body.

The material is mostly polyester, with a smaller percentage of spandex. Although it’s not as stretchy as the fabric that other models from this brand are made of, it’s still very breathable and comfortable and ensures a free range of motion.

While they’re not a tight fit, the shorts won’t slip, thanks to the wide waistband that sits snugly above the hips. Plus, the waistband has a small hidden pocket for essentials.

These shorts are great for different kinds of workouts, such as sprints, hurdles, climbs, and some lifts. However, since it’s a loose fit, it’s not really a great choice for all kinds of lifts. During some lifts, such as deadlifts and sumo deadlifts, the shorts might ride up. Also, because it’s not so stretchable, the material might feel too tight during squats. Still, if your training doesn’t include much of these, it’s pretty comfortable and functional.

90 Degree By Reflex – Power Flex Shorts

90 Degree by Reflex shorts is the best budget pick. It’s a two-pack, meaning you get two instead of one for the same price. Plus, you can choose the color combination that suits you the best.

When it comes to quality, these shorts have most of the regular features. They are 4-way stretchable, which allows full freedom of movement during CrossFit exercises. The sweat-wicking material is soft and comfortable and will keep you safe from moisture and chafing.

The design offers everything you might expect from high-waist tight-fit shorts. The high waist provides excellent tummy control. The 5’’ inseam gives enough coverage while allowing free movement. The tight fit gives you that huggy feeling and compresses your midsection, enhancing your curves.

However, keep in mind that budget shorts are not as durable as high-end ones. The stitching and material quality reflects the price, so these shorts might not be as durable as some more expensive models from our list.

Born Primitive Double Take Booty Shorts

Born Primitive is a veteran-owned brand that proudly displays its patriotic values on their wear. That’s why it’s no surprise that these shorts come in one pattern – the American flag.

The shorts are designed to fit closely around your legs and booty, so you have all the flexibility you need. The short inseam allows you to move freely in any workout. Still, it gets you enough coverage, with a wide waistband that keeps everything in place without digging into your skin. 

Born Primitive knows how to make activewear. It was developed and tested by athletes in order to cover all the important features this kind of wear needs. The fabric they use for their shorts is extremely durable, stretchable, and breathable, supporting you throughout even the most intense workouts.

The only downside is that the high quality comes at a price. These shorts are on the expensive side, so they may not be best for those on a budget. However, there is no way that Born Primitive doesn’t make the list of the best CrossFit shorts for women.

Women’s CrossFit Shorts Buying Guide

So, how do you pick the right CrossFit shorts for your needs? There are numerous factors to consider. Let’s go through each so you can make a smart choice.

Material: Breathable, Flexible & Comfortable

CrossFit shorts are usually made of synthetic material such as nylon-spandex blend or polyester. These fabrics provide moisture-wicking, comfort, durability, flexibility, and antimicrobial properties.


Spandex, polyester, polyamide, and nylon are fabrics that breathe well and have moisture-wicking properties. That means they don’t take water inside but let it dry on the surface. 

Why is this important? Without it, you can get sweat marks on your shorts, which don’t exactly look good. Also, sweat-saturated material can cause irritation, chafing, and even bleeding in sensitive areas. That’s why you should skip shorts with more than 20% cotton. Cotton is a material that gets wet very easily.

Antimicrobial properties

Shorts are fertile ground for bacteria due to sweaty and intense exercises. Look for materials with antimicrobial properties that will help mitigate this issue and keep you fresh and not smelly.


The best CrossFit shorts for women should abe comfortable since CrossFit movements invovle dynamic and intense movements. The shorts need to feel soft and pleasant against your skin and not cause irritation. The polyester-spandex blend is a kind of material that will provide this.


Synthetic materials are also lightweight, stretchy, and flexible. Spandex is a kind of material that offer these features and allows unrestricted movement throughout your workout. And although it’s stretchable, it keeps its shape, so your shorts won’t get baggy even after prolonged use.

Comfort Is In the Details

Comfort is one of the most important elements that the best CrossFit shorts for women should provide because they allow you to have freedom of movement without feeling too tight during wear. We already talked about the role of material, but there are a few more features you should consider when choosing the most comfortable shorts for you.

First of all, the waistband. A wider waistband provides a more comfortable fit, so that’s the feature you should choose. It distributes the pressure evenly around your waist, which reduces the discomfort during dynamic movements. Plus, it makes it harder for your shorts to ride up or slip down during the exercise. This will prevent the dreaded muffin tops and camel toes. Also, the waistband should be flat and elastic, so the shorts stay securely in place and accommodates movement without digging into your skin. 


Another thing to consider is the inseam length. This one depends on how much coverage and freedom of movement you want. More coverage means that your movements will be more restricted, so you should balance between these two. If you choose a slightly shorter inseam (4-6 inches), you will be able to move your legs freely during squats, lunges, jumps, and other workouts. It all depends on the type of exercise you usually do and your needs. If you are not as focused on lifting, a longer inseam will do. However, the booty cut is a better choice for squats and deadlifts.

The whole design of your shorts should follow your figure but without being too tight to restrict your blood flow and movement. Look for shorts with moderate leg openings. The leg opening shouldn’t be too tight or too loose but accommodate your legs comfortably and not cause irritation. Additionally, look for a flat seam or seamless shorts to prevent skin irritation. 

Choose the Correct Size

CrossFit shorts can come in sizes from XXS to 4XL. However, since sizing is not standardized, double-check the size chart so you can be sure you choose the right size for you.

One of the important things to measure is the inseam length that we mentioned earlier. Usual measures are 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9 inches. Booty shorts are usually 2 to 4 inches, moderate length is 4 to 6 inches, and inseam length that’s more than 6 inches can be found on biker shorts.


Another measure you should consider is the rise, which is measured from the seam between your legs to the top of the waistband. You should look for a rise that works with your body so you can be comfortable and flexible. The choice between lower and high rise depends on what you look for in shorts, but try to keep it balanced.

Choosing the correct size is a crucial factor for your comfort and freedom of movement, so give it a priority when choosing shorts.


When choosing the best CrossFit shorts for women, you really have to pay attention to your personal needs. From there, you will be able to determine which features to look for in the perfect shorts for you.

Remember, you can’t go wrong with the ROGUE WOD Gear Clothing Booty Shorts, the best CrossFit shorts for women.

If you are mostly focused on lifting, then I highly recommend getting the booty shorts. You will find more than a few on our list since it’s the most popular cut (for a reason). Booty shorts allow you to do all kinds of movement freely without having to constantly adjust them. Lifts, especially deadlifts and squats, really appreciate the minimal coverage.

However, if powerlifting and weightlifting are not in your regime or you simply want more coverage, then the medium cut will do fine. If you decide to go further to biker shorts, you might find yourself too restricted (unless you are strictly a runner and/or a biker, in that case – knock yourself out!)

Whatever fit you choose, make sure that the fabric is moisture-wicking, fairly stretchable, and won’t ride up or down, causing you unpleasant surprises such as muffin tops or camel toes. These are vetoed features for good activewear for women, so if your shorts do that, feel free to ditch them because you surely can find (on our list) the ones that don’t.

Finally, make sure you feel comfortable in your shorts, above everything else. Comfort will allow you to reach your full potential and simply forget what you are wearing (as you should).

And when you’ve chosen your shorts, make sure you pair them with the best CrossFit shoes that will support you during your training sessions!

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