Fancy A Deadlift WOD? 19 Of The Best to Destroy!

There is no better sign of mental toughness than grinding though the first 20 minutes of a killer deadlift WOD and still picking up a heavy barbell to close things out.

I mean, what other type of CrossFit workout is going to fatigue the body with running, rowing, swinging, and kipping only to ask you to essentially win a powerlifting competition halfway through?

Power Bar vs Olympic Bar – One Bar to Rule Them All!

There is always going to be a degree of personal preference involved with barbell selection.

However, the power bar vs Olympic bar debate is an important one.

Your training priorities will dictate whether you’ll want a power (or powerlifting) barbell or an Olympic (or Olympic weightlifting) barbell.

Your CrossFit Warm Up Will SAVE You…Trust Me

If you’ve ever walked up to a loaded barbell and attempted a heavy clean without warming up, you can probably speak to the importance of a warm up.

If you haven’t done this before, I wouldn’t suggest doing it. However, doing so will give you a much greater appreciation a proper CrossFit warm up!

24 CrossFit Partner WODs…Choose Wisely!

Grab a Strong Guy and a Fast Guy…you’ll probably have to lift AND run. A Gymnast Guy will help with the handstand push-ups

…or maybe get a Versatile Guy if your WOD requires the use of black or white magic…just to be safe.

Party assembled? Now crush these CrossFit Partner WODs!